Disk space

The server is activated immediately!

VPS servers are unmanaged and suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

Quick & Easy

After payment, the server is activated in approx. 5 minutes.

Control panel

When you order, you receive access to the control panel for server management.

Ultra-fast drives

 Ultra-fast drives in the RAID10 field for max. safety and speed.

Assistance 24/7

The support team is available for any additional questions.

Frequently asked questions

VPS stands for virtual private server.

The physical server is divided into several virtual units or servers. Each unit has installed a special operation system and is used as a physical server. VPS servers or VPS hosting is intended for advanced users who require a better performance and control over the software.

Each VPS package includes one IPv4 address. In case you need more IPv4 addresses, they may be purchased.

Backups are the full responsibility of the client.

For the maintenance of the VPS server, the client himself is responsible.

No. Only the operating system that you selected when ordering comes with the server.

We use the KVM virtualization for the extremely fast operation of VPS servers.

No. Unlike ordinary webhosting, where all domains share the same server with the same resources, it is different with VPS servers. Each VPS server is provided with resources such as CPU, memory and disk space. Thus, the performance of your server will not be disrupted or hindered in the event of load.

You can install CentOS 6, CentOS 7, Debian 7, Debian 8, Ubuntu 15, Ubuntu 16, MS Widnows 7* in MS Windows 8*.


* For MS Windows, the client has to have a valid license prior to ordering.