The purpose of the legislation is the protection of personal data, as during web browsing, your privacy rights might be violated. More information about online privacy can be found on the website of the Information Commissioner, where answers to frequently asked questions related to the tracking of users on the web by using cookies are presented.

Who is the administrator of

The owner and administrator of the site is HOSTKO Ltd, Rogozniška cesta 34, 2250 Ptuj – Slovenia.


On our website we use cookies. Cookies are small .txt files that are downloaded to your computer by your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer) while you surf the Web.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Information Commissioner, we have placed a notice on our website on the use of cookies; at the same time, we also allow you to choose which cookies you wish to use and which you do not.

Types of cookies on

1. Mandatory cookies
Mandatory cookies are cookies that a site needs to function properly. These are, for example, cookies that take care of the sessions of registered subscribers (service pages), as well as cookies downloaded to your computer so that the next time you visit, we know which other cookies to allow and which to prohibit from functioning.

2. Visit statistics
The operators of the site want to know where our visitors linger, which individual content is most popular and where the visitors that come to their site are coming from. This is our only feedback and mostly our only contact with our visitors. As a result, we record a viewer statistics. Based on the cookies that are loaded on your computer, we can find out whether you are visiting the site for the first time, or whether you are a regular visitor.

3. Can I completely avoid downloading cookies?
If you do not want any cookies from our pages to load onto your computer, you can turn this option off in your browser. In this case, you will not receive any cookies. If your browser does not support such settings, we recommend that you immediately replace it with a more modern and safer one. The vast majority of browsers that are in use (99%) has the option of setting your level of privacy and the option to disable cookies.