The current limit of the number of messages sent via one email address is specified for each package individually. If you exceed this limit, your messages will be rejected and will not be delivered.

Hosting package Micro – 50 emails in one (1) hour
Hosting package Mini – 100 emails in one (1) hour
Hosting package S – 300 emails in one (1) hour
Hosting package M – 500 emails in one (1) hour
Hosting package Poslovni (Business) – 500 emails in one (1) hour Hosting package L and XL – 500 emails in one (1) hour

All servers have limited connections to the POP3 server, which means that 60 connections per hour are enabled. If you exceed this limit, you will likely receive a notification that the password is incorrect. Wait for 30 minutes and you will be again able to establish the connection. To avoid such errors, adjust the automatic POP3 test to more than 1 min.

We advise against the use of our packages for users who have more than 5,000 recipients on their mailing lists and recommend them to purchase their own VPS or rented server. Dividing the list of recipients in several small lists in order to not exceed these limits is prohibited.

Mailing list rules

Mass commercial advertisements are not allowed in e-mail messages. The result of sending out such messages will most likely be a temporary or permanent suspension of the account. Publishing commercial advertisements in the newsgroups that forbid it is also not allowed.

Sending messages to multiple addressees at the same time is only permitted in cases where the addressees permit it themselves, when the sender knows the recipient personally and believes that the sent message will not annoy the person and in cases when the addressee indicates his desire to receive messages by subscribing to the mailing list. If the addressee has subscribed to the notifications, the message has to include instructions on how to unsubscribe from the list. If the message does not contain this message, you have to stop sending out such messages, otherwise, your account may be terminated.

For a large number of mailing list addressees, it is necessary to contact us at in order to agree on the possibilities of its further use. If you have your own mailing list, it is mandatory to use tool allowing breaks while sending emails. If this app does not have this function, it must NOT be used, and has to be replaced with something else that uses the same transmission method (for example phplist).

For sending messages to over 500 subscribers, we demand that you do it between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., when the traffic burden on your server is less severe.

The use of so-called PIRS e-mail databases (the purchased database of email addresses of Slovenian companies at PIRS) is not permitted. The consequence of its use will be the temporary or permanent cessation of the user account.

Legal provisions

The users agree that they are familiar with the The Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-UPB1 (especially Article 109) and The Consumer Protection Act ZVPot-UPB2 (especially point 45a.)


We reserve the right to change, delete parts of the text of the document “Email Terms and Conditions”, price packages, accessories, etc. at any time. Users will be notified by email, on the forum, or via the service center. We ask the users to check the website at least once a month.